PeaPancake | Graphic, Print and Web Design
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At PeaPancake we pride ourselves on providing a one-to-one personal and professional service. In order to understand
our clients, we need to understand what makes them and their customer base tick.

Whether it is creating your brand from scratch, looking for a website refresh,
or designing a one of a kind app, we can help get you there.

Mobile/App, Web


Our core skill sets have helped clients relaunch themselves, redefine their business strategy and,
on many occasions, launch entirely new propositions. In each case, we guide our clients through several
avenues and find a solution that suits their overall vision and meets their expectations and needs.

Website design

Initial launch or refresh, we take a look at what your visitors are looking for and how the information can be best displayed to get them there quickly. There is so much more to website design than pretty colours.


Start up or long standing company, everyone needs a brand that stands out from the crowd and delivers business requirements. Understanding your customers and how they think helps to make your business shine and your brand needs to shout about it.

Mobile/App design

We live in a world where you need to be quick on your feet and so does your website and/or product. Ensuring that your website/app can be seen on all devices and that it is fully usable is key.


Ensure your message and brand are consistent in every piece of communication, including the piece of paper or business card your clients' have in their pocket. Every element of your communications and branding must deliver.



Angela Rahe-Blomfield

At the core of PeaPancake is the Managing and Creative Director, Angela Rahe-Blomfield. Angela has worked in the design industry for over 18 years, working in website and app design with a strong UX background as well as brand development and print media.


She started her career in Boston, working for branding and advertising agencies doing everything from logos through to print and web. Once moving to the UK, she was the Design Manager at Opodo for several years and moved on to be the Head of Design at ITV Broadband when they relaunched their website in 2007. Since then, she has worked as a freelance Creative Director and started PeaPancake.


A strong network of highly experienced designers, information architects, developers and business partners are hand picked to ensure the best team is on board for any large PeaPancake project that moves outside of Angela’s skill set.