PeaPancake | British Soft Drink Association
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British Soft Drink Association

The British Soft Drink Association (BSDA) is the national trade association representing producers and manufacturers of soft drinks

The BSDA was looking to build a website that could be used as a teaching tool within schools regarding the soft drink industry, informing students about possible careers and teaching them about the over process of creating a soft drink.

We have several brainstorming and structure defining workshops with the team at BSDA to define what they were looking for. They loved the idea of a factory tour which would lead the user through several rooms of a factory providing facts and informative videos about the process, the people and the possible careers. But there also needed to be an area for the teachers to download lesson plans and possible share and post their own.

Video and an attractive design which appealed to the younger student audience was key but they also did not want to alienate the teachers who they felt were the key driver to getting students to the website through their courses.

PeaPancake took on this task by researching the types of websites and places that students would normally use as well as other educational websites as inspiration. The design needed to appeal to the younger student audience but also not alienate the teachers who would also be visiting the website.

It was defined early on that the website needed to have a brand all it’s own and be separate from the more adult BSDA branding. Therefore, a logo was created which became the inspiration of the colour palette and illustrations throughout the website. A playful splash with a font to match, taking all of the elements we had already discussed about audience, and BSDA’s business goals and objectives into play.

The factory tour ended up being split into four different tours, one for each type of drink. The user elected which type of drink they’d like and then are taken step by step through the process of making that drink along with a map of a factory, videos of employees about their jobs and photos of each process. A separate studentĀ  and teacher area allows them to provide feedback and get lesson plans.

The British Soft Drink Association is delighted about their new website. They launched the site in December 2013 and already had several schools and teachers on board to using the website in their class lessons. There are several phases to this project and we are looking forward to seeing how phase 1 is received and look to start the next phase in the coming school year, if it goes well.