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Cloud Street

Cloud Street designs and builds bespoke business software to help businesses be more productive and allow them to focus on the task at hand.

Cloud Street came to PeaPancake back in 2007 with a business idea and a name. A full branding exercise was completed which included a logo, website and full business communications. The result was a huge success and Cloud Street grew quite quickly into what it is today – building bespoke business software.

Cloud Street came back to PeaPancake recently and needed a refresh. An updated colour palette to make them look more current and assertive, a new website, new Word and PowerPoint templates along with updated business communications.

I worked with Cloud Street to determine the type of user that is going to their website and the type of business they would like to attract. They wanted a website and updated brand that reflected who they were but also attract the type of business they wanted – a small company that did great things for medium to large businesses to run more smoothly. They made it clear that they wanted the new website to look fresh, professional but also have small twists in the layout and colour to make it interesting.

Cloud Street also wanted their own image library. PeaPancake helped art direct the imagery with the photographer to ensure that it would be in keeping with the refreshed brand but also allow for the imagery to work in other business communications.

In the end, Cloud Street had a new, fresh and professional website with an updated, bright colour palette, business communications and templates to work from moving forward. They are delighted with their new website and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

“Angela was great in working with us to describe the kind of brand / web image we wanted to create for the business, and coming up with practical ideas to follow that through. She rapidly responds to feedback, making the process in to a real dialogue. We have worked with her as our business has grown and she has given valuable advice in evolving our brand & design work as we have evolved.”

– Mary Walford, Director, Cloud Street Ltd


Check out the Cloud Street website