PeaPancake | Crave
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Crave Maternity was an online maternity retailer, striving to combine classic design with functional fashion-forward style.

PeaPancake worked with Modacom to help Crave determine what was needed to make Crave stand on top of their competitors but also get across what Crave was all about. We lead card-sorting, persona defining and mood boards workshops with Crave to boil down their brand and gather their requirements for their new website.

The logo and colour palette were immediately tagged as items which needed to be brought into the new thinking, so an exercise was done to update the colour pallet and refine the logo by introducing a fresh font but not detracting took far from the original logo too much so as not to alienate their loyal worldwide customer base.

A photoshoot was also scheduled with their new line of clothing to help reflect this new direction which PeaPancake helped them to define – being confident and sexy without losing a sense of style with a bump and balancing a soft femininity with a fashion edge.

The website was designed with this new direction in mind – the garments needed to shine out from the page and the overall feeling of the site needed to feel fashion focused with a sense of femininity. large images and limited text were introduced on the homepage while large cascading background images were introduced on the product category pages with just the models wearing the garments and nothing else intruding on the space.