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NH Design

Nicky Haslam founded NH Design in 1972 and has since established itself as one of the worlds most distinguished and prolifically published interior design firms.

NH Design came to PeaPancake with a very dated flash website which did not allow them to update their content or show what they have been creating. They needed a new website which could be used as a business tool to display the amazing work they were creating as well as generating new leads and clients.

The style of website needed to be simple and understated, letting the work that Nicky Haslam and his team created stand out among the pages. A striking homepage image sets the tone while the secondary pages let the works and imagery do the talking.

Training and ongoing support for NH Design has been established so that NH Design’s internal team can update their portfolios, publications and blog themselves.

NH Design and PeaPancake have worked together to add several additional pages and offerings to their website since the initial launch to provide NH Designs users with more enriched content and products.

¬†‚ÄúPeaPancake were able to design a website ideally suited to our needs and budget. The new site looks wonderful and we have had many people comment on how great it looks now. PeaPancake are a charming, professional and efficient team who brilliantly offered us hands on tutorials to extend our staff’s knowledge of how the site works and for us to enhance the site’s content ourselves. Being a creative industry we obviously needed patient web designers to go back and forth with colours and layouts – thank you for that!”

– Flora Connell, personal assistant to Nicky Haslam

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