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Fluid One

Website Design

Fluid One is a technology company that helps various industries with their connectivity. They needed a website refresh as the original looked unfriendly, generic and robotic. Their logo didn't need to change but the overall brand look and feel needed to reflect who Fluid One actually was... friendly, helpful and a great place to work.

I took them through various brand and UX workshops to understand who their company was, what drove them and what they wanted to get across to their users. I also was involved with determining the type of content on each page and how this would translate on the site. This was done through very detailed wireframes to ensure that we had the correct number of components that could house the type of content that they wanted to get across. It was a challenge because there was a lot of information to add and a lot of cross-selling of different products across their entire offering.

Needless to say this was always designed to work responsively and was created mobile first from the wireframes up.

One big thing I felt that needed to be conveyed in their updated branding and website was how friendly and committed they are to their clients. To get this across, I used imagery and video with soft focus and warm tones with people in them. This helped to make it more personal. I also worked with a brand copywriter that helped to bring the human-side of what they did to the case studies. The result is a site that is full of helpful information, shows off their product offering but also shows Fluid One for who they are.

Check out the Fluid One website

Client / 

Fluid 1


Role / 

UX/UI Designer


Year / 

2019 - 2020

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