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Shoot Gardening

Website Design and Various Projects

Shoot Gardening is a website which has everything a keen and not so keen gardener needs to know about gardening, plants, planning, care and advice. It has a large membership base with a very strong online community


I have worked with Shoot Gardening since 2006 and have been involved in many of the business decisions and multiple projects online and offline from trade show signage to package design through to website design and support.


Since then, I have redesigned the Shoot website multiple times, helped in the development of a mobile version of Shoot and the Shoot Marketplace in order to appeal to users and to drive more memberships.


New and exciting developments are due to happen with Shoot, including a refined user experience, updates to key pages and functionality. Watch this space as a new website is under way!

Feel free to view the current Shoot Gardening website

Client / 

Shoot Gardening


Role / 

UX/UI Designer


Year / 

2006 - Present

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